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The Fricks

Adam and Emily Frick began this adventure as newly weds who had just purchased their first home. Before they new it they had furnished and decorated the whole place. Emily wanted a bigger house to have an outlet for her love of refinishing and creating furniture and decor; and Adam well he is a very practical and logical man who loves to park in the garage. With that Frickin’ Fab was born and Emily loves having a store front to create in and Adam gets to park in the garage again. Well at least most of the time. And this is only the beginning…

Frickin' Fab

Explore a new concept retail store that's nestled in the heart of South Tampa. At Frickin’ Fab you will discover a 21st-century shopping experience like no other with a perfect blend of furnishings that have been professionally painted, upholstered, or repurposed. Explore on your own, or we're happy to help you create the perfect environment for your home, business, or outdoor space. The possibilities are endless!


Frickin’ Fab provides an opportunity for designers, crafters and pickers to showcase their talents and available goods. Our vendors bring in new pieces daily. This provides our customers the ability to have a unique and different experience each time they visit.

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